Bucharest, Romania, 17th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, OpenFlux, the first NFT marketplace on Conflux eSpace, has officially launched. The platform is incubated by Dypius and fully backed by the Conflux Network and the leading DEX on Conflux, Swappi DEX. Its mission is to empower NFT artists, creators, and collectors with the means to trade NFTs safely and efficiently. It caters to numerous interests and creative expressions, including digital art, collectibles, music, virtual real estate, etc. Moreover, the marketplace invites World of Dypians (WOD) players to trade their CFX Beta Pass NFTs in an open and secure environment.

The OpenFlux launch is a significant event for the global community of NFT enthusiasts. Creators and collectors of non-fungible tokens now have a new venue where they can meet to buy, sell, and bridge assets securely.

The OpenFlux Marketplace leverages Conflux eSpace to provide a seamless and cost-effective user experience. Conflux eSpace is a fully EVM-compatible chain of the Conflux Network with lower gas fees and higher TPS (transactions per second) than Ethereum. It operates independently from the Core space and can support scalable operations, such as OpenFlux.

OpenFlux hosts various NFTs, from gaming, art, music, and sports to virtual world non-fungible tokens. The platform regularly launches new and extraordinary NFTs, inviting users to discover, collect, and trade them via its marketplace.

OpenFlux supports some of the most used crypto wallets, including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Fluent Wallet, Coinbase, and SafePal. Creating an account on OpenFlux is easy, allowing newbies and seasoned collectors to quickly connect their wallets, view their collections, and select and trade NFTs.

OpenFlux Marketplace does not charge fees for trading NFTs. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, covering only the necessary network transaction costs. It also provides tools for verifying the authenticity of NFTs, including creator verification and metadata transparency.

About Dypius

Dypius is a rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem incorporating secure and efficient products and services in the emerging Web3 landscape. It features multiple tools for new and established projects to develop safely in an increasingly competitive space. The project has a native token, DYP v2, supported by Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet.

Dypius caters to both crypto beginners and experts with versatile solutions, including analytical DYP Tools, DeFi solutions, CAWS NFTs, and Metaverse gaming. The project runs on unique smart contracts using the protocol’s proprietary anti-manipulation functionality. By incubating OpenFlux, Dypius expands its already versatile ecosystem and increases its reach in the NFT worldwide community and beyond.

About World of Dypians

World of Dypians (WOD) is a highly immersive, innovative MMORPG designed by Dypius. It features cutting-edge graphics and engaging gameplay, rewarding players with an unprecedented user experience. The project’s use of artificial intelligence and Metaverse mechanics creates a unique virtual world abounding in entertaining quests and brand-consumer interactions.

WOD is listed on the Epic Games Store, and it is home to one of the largest, most interactive advertising spaces in the metaverse. Its Downtown area hosts some of the industry’s biggest names where players can interact with their favorite brands. As part of its many strategic partnerships, the game periodically offers Beta Pass NFTs with priceless perks, including VIP access to the game, participation in special events, and other earning opportunities. Through its collaboration with Conflux, WOD launched the CFX Beta Pass NFTs. Their lucky holders can now trade these NFTs on OpenFlux.

About Conflux Network

Conflux Network is a standout multi-chain ecosystem bringing together creators, communities, and markets worldwide into a project-nurturing, borderless environment. The network employs the proprietary Tree-Graph consensus algorithm, which uses parallel processing of blocks and transactions to lower confirmation times and increase TPS.

The Conflux Network was founded in 2018 and rose to far-reaching popularity despite fierce competition. Today, the ecosystem is home to numerous promising projects, including the newly-launched OpenFlux NFT marketplace. The network also has a native token, CFX, with multiple uses ranging from paying transaction fees, rewards, staking, to governance.

About Swappi DEX

Swappi DEX is the leading DEX on Conflux eSpace, enabling crypto traders to list, trade, and exchange crypto tokens. The platform features staking and farming options, allowing users to increase their earnings with reliable DeFi mechanisms. Its Lottery feature has daily draws and provides players with consistent winning opportunities by matching the winning numbers in the exact order.

About OpenFlux

OpenFlux is an exciting launch for NFT artists and collectors seeking a modern NFT marketplace. The platform aims to become the go-to trading space for the next generation of digital artists. To this end, it relies on its high-security standards, standout features, and sustainable backing from prestigious brands like Dypius, Conflux Network, and Swappi DEX.

Stay up to date with the project’s development and news on community events here: Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub |

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