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HondoGO, an emerging leader in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, proudly announces its strategic initiative to fill the gap left by Tesla's pullback from the EV charger market. With a commitment to advancing sustainable transportation, HondoGO is expanding [KG1] its charging network through a strategic revenue share model, ensuring seamless and accessible charging solutions for all EV drivers.

Tesla recently made a widely publicized move to downsize its charging operations, leaving both businesses and drivers looking for alternative solutions to meet the growing demand for accelerated EV infrastructure. As the owner/operator of approximately two-thirds of the fast-charging ports in the U.S., Tesla had been a driving force for infrastructure growth. Fast chargers have become particularly valuable due to their ability to add approximately 10 miles of range per minute, depending on the vehicle. The recent news opens opportunities for EV charging companies to step up to fulfill the Biden administrations goals of almost doubling the current national charger network by 2030.

As EV sales and demand continue to surge, HondoGO made news earlier this year by announcing its revenue-share business model, designed to create economic incentives across stakeholders to spur EV charging infrastructure growth. HondoGO's comprehensive plan includes the deployment of cutting-edge charging stations, featuring ultra-fast charging technology and user-friendly interfaces, across key urban centers and along major travel routes. Furthermore, its revenue share model ensures value for site hosts, creating a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach to bolstering EV charging infrastructure across the country to support the growth of e-mobility.

Partnering with HondoGO is Lynkwell, a leading provider of EV charging solutions. Boasting complete vertical integration across an extensive hardware catalog, robust software, and full deployment services, Lynkwells momentum is also surging after a record-breaking first quarter. With a U.S.-based team backed by more than eight years of extensive experience across the entire EV charging value chain, Lynkwell has a proven track record in delivering reliable solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

By working with HondoGO, site owners benefit from HondoGOs unique partnership and revenue sharing model as well as Lynkwells demonstrated expertise deploying and managing thousands of charging stations. HondoGO assumes ownership and management responsibilities for each charger, offering site hosts a share of profits and an avenue to boost customer volume and engagement, while Lynkwell provides robust back-end support that ensures seamless integration with site owners operations.

Key Highlights of HondoGO's Expansion Plan:

  1. Deployment of Advanced Charging Stations:

    HondoGO will roll out its DCFC

    chargers, which offer ultra-fast charging speeds to optimize the charging experience for EV drivers. These stations are designed to be compatible with all EV models, ensuring inclusivity and convenience for the entire EV community.

  2. Strategic Location Placement: To optimize accessibility, HondoGO is strategically placing new charging stations in high-traffic areas, including shopping centers, office complexes, and transit hubs. This approach aims to integrate EV charging seamlessly into daily routines, making it easier for drivers to charge while they shop, work, or travel.
  3. Partnership Approach: HondoGO works closely with site owners through its partnership approach, identifying the right sites and businesses for future expansion.

"We are excited to step into this pivotal role and continue the momentum towards a more robust charging infrastructure," said Shawn Matthews, CEO of HondoGO. "Our goal is to ensure that EV drivers have reliable and efficient charging options wherever they go. By expanding our network and leveraging innovative technology, we are making EV charging more accessible and convenient than ever before."

"One of the best ways to accelerate the growth of critical EV charging infrastructure is to create economic opportunities for those who participate," remarked Will DeRuve, vice president of North American sales at Lynkwell. " Our partnership with HondoGO represents a blend of visionary strategy and technical expertise, benefiting both site hosts and drivers. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing seamless integration, reliable support, and convenient access to charging infrastructure nationwide in order to drive the clean energy transformation forward."[MI3]

For more information about HondoGO's initiatives, visit www.hondogo.com.

About HondoGO: HondoGO is a leading electric vehicle fast charging company that owns and operates the infrastructure and tools needed to expedite the mass adoption of electric vehicles for individual drivers, commercial fleets, and businesses. HondoGO was created to rapidly expand the domestic electric vehicle fast charging network with a disruptive technology and innovation approach to partnerships. HondoGO, a subsidiary of Hondius Energy, is delivering pivotal solutions poised to seize the transformations shift happening in energy. Their innovative partnership model leads to better alignment for all parties involved. For more information, visit www.HondoGO.com.

About Lynkwell

Lynkwell is an innovative energy technology company with a mission to transform how the world connects clean, renewable, and sustainable energy solutions with the evolving electric infrastructure. The company provides comprehensive and coordinated products and services for design, planning, funding, financing, installation, and management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and provides a white-label offering allowing businesses to create custom-branded EV charging experiences. Since 2016, Lynkwell has facilitated the deployment of thousands of charging stations for public, private, and fleet applications, collaborated on the development and integration of hundreds of equipment and software solutions, and has secured tens of millions of dollars of incentives, grants, and funding awards for its customers. Partners can access one of the largest and most robust catalogs of hardware solutions and software functionality for EV charging infrastructure via the Lynkwell platform. Learn about the next generation of EV charging networks with Lynkwell at https://www.lynkwell.com/.

is expanding (like it is already happening) [KG1]

I am not sure that they are next-gen, I think they are DCFCs. I would simplify to "roll out its DCFC chargers, which offer…" [KG2]

HondoGO team – please note we are still finalizing executive approval of the release and the quote [MI3]

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