Vancouver, Canada, 28th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, ceτi AI, a pioneering company building decentralized AI infrastructure, announced it received $2 million worth of cutting-edge hardware at its T3 Data Center in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event marks a significant milestone in the project’s development, making ceτi AI the first large-scale AI blockchain network to go live with enterprise-grade hardware.

The Vancouver-based firm took delivery of  5 HPC servers, each equipped with 8 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and 2 NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand switches. The system’s 3.2 TB of available VRAM brings state-of-the-art computational processing power to ceτi AI’s flourishing development community.

With recent partnership announcements with other key players in the space, ceτi AI is a driving force in the decentralized AI movement, opening access to crucial computing resources.

ceτi AI recognizes that the big-tech gatekeepers at the forefront of the race to artificial general intelligence restrict access to vital compute resources, presenting a significant barrier to entry for researchers and startups in the industry. 

Moreover, inefficient resource allocation in existing hardware infrastructure further limits independent research and development, while the siloed nature of the centralized AI space promotes a zero-sum-game mentality across the field.

Ceτi AI challenges the centralized AI narrative by democratizing access to a worldwide distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure.  The multi-pronged solution empowers development teams with:

  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-grade cloud computing
  • A state-of-the-art software layer with intelligent resource allocation
  • A vibrant and thriving ecosystem of developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs  

Unifying the organization’s blockchain and infrastructure solution, the Ceti AI native token ($CETI) serves as the backbone for financing the network’s growth and rewarding its contributors. Strategically designed to fuel the continual development of the decentralized AI landscape, $CETI powers the development of next-generation networks and applications, effectively channeling resources where they are most needed. Built with utility and sustainability in mind, the platform token enhances the ecosystem’s long-term viability by delivering increasing value to its holders from intelligently allocated computing resources.

About ceτi AI

ceτi AI is pioneering the deployment of AI infrastructure pods, utilizing the latest generation H100 GPUs linked with NVSwitches. Its mission is to accelerate the development of decentralized artificial intelligence through technical innovation and strategic partnerships. To this end, the company built a globally distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure for developers and decentralized AI networks, enabling them to outperform centralized AI.

Behind ceτi AI is a highly experienced team of industry veterans and innovators, including CEO Dennis Jarvis, former CEO of, CIO Aaron Smith-Hayes, a software developer with over 25 years of experience, and CFO Austin Spencer, boasting over 17 years of experience in corporate and real estate finance.

The ceτi AI invites tech enthusiasts and AI-skilled individuals to join and support this trail-blazing movement. You can follow the project’s development and learn more about ceτi AI at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord

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